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Transvestism: Men in Female Dress

Transvestism: Men in Female Dress

Edited by David O. Cauldwell

Sexology Corporation, 1956

Impostors in petticoats! Middle-aged transvestites! Fem-men! This book is full of juicy confessions from men who " …like to wear dresses, so what!" and illustrated with the pictures to prove it. But expertise advice is also given, don't you worry…" Transvestites should always remember that 99% of the normal people 'run with the herd.'" Keeping this fast ' fact ' in mind, you can flip through the book and find many pictures of men throughout history looking better than any supermodel today. Well, except for "Marion" on page 109 who seems to prefer the Queen Elizabeth-look.

What is that tape in the corner? Obviously this is a much loved and chewed on book...could the owner have had more than one fetish?

"Fido, you bad boy! Look at the teeth marks you left in your new book. Now mommy has to spank you!"

"Marion" is our poster child for the chapter "What is a Transvestite?" in case you want to know the difference between true Royalty and Drag Queens. Note the sensible horn-rimmed glasses, hat, coat and gloves...she never goes anywhere without matching kid gloves, just like the Queen Mother. Could they be one and the same?

Believe it or don't kids, transvestism is not just a phenomenon of this past century. It has a long and checkered history. Did you know that parts of colonial America was ruled by a Transvestite? It's all true. Seriously!

This chapter is about "Effeminate Men", which features more pictures of famous cross-dressers, and must have been included to distinguish from the very butch and hairy men that like to dress in lacies, I guess.

One of the "confessional" chapters featuring Carol Anne Masters as himself and then as herself. What an amazing transformation!

Our favorite trans-"fessional", Marybelle is not at all afraid to admit she prefers being "dolled-up"!

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